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Synchronized Video

Alderson videotaped depositions are digitized in MPEG-1 format and synchronized to the transcript.

Case-winning Technology

Not all videosychronization is the same.  High quality synchronization reduces the chances of the wrong video clip being played and therefore an embarrassment in front of the court.  This is why each synchronized video passes through a minimum of four quality control phases while it is being synchronized to the transcript.  Each of these phases includes their own quality control steps.  Given the need to preserve critical testimony for trial, many clients have relied on Alderson’s state-of-the-art synchronized video to deliver exactly what was needed when it was needed.

Not Limited to Court Reporting

Both our traditional deposition clients and our specialized training clients can utilize the most appropriate digital video format for their needs, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or traditional DVD. Clients that wish to get the most out of their specialized training have hired our digital videographers to record mock depositions, jury selection, speeches, presentations, and many other events where an “after-the-fact” review was to be done.

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