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Alderson Reports the Record of Senate Committees.

As one of the U.S. Government’s most trusted providers, Alderson proudly provides court reporting and related services to the Committees of the United States Senate. 

Why does the U.S. Senate use Alderson more than any other court reporting company?

In large part, it’s about trust.  Our experience with projects involving national security has proven our ability to handle sensitive material appropriately.  Moreover, we have the depth and dimension necessary to provide for all of their respective needs:

  • Realtime streaming for hearings or meetings where virtual attendance must be facilitated;
  • Disability and captioning services where accessibility is a requirement;
  • Nationwide court reporting resources that allow us to service, not only hearings in Washington D.C., but also field hearings held in the Members’ home states or abroad.

Need a copy of a transcript?

Senate transcripts, including expedited transcript services are available.

To order a copy or arrange for us to expedite a transcript of an upcoming hearing, contact us today at 800.FOR.DEPO (367.3376).

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