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Alderson’s premium reporting service - realtime reporting - offers you top of the line reporting professionals who can stream text directly to your computer while a deposition or arbitration is taking place.  Differing from your average 225 word / minute stenographer, these seasoned reporters are often versed in conflict-free writing theory (e.g. “to” vs. “two” vs. “too”) and tend to offer the most readable transcripts, even in draft form. 

Even though realtime reporters are often the most skilled, highly seasoned, and dedicated professionals of their trade, their services can provide substantial savings by providing highly accurate drafts in realtime at a substantially lower cost than same day delivery of a final transcript.

At Alderson, we further increase the value of our management of the reporters and Videographers nationwide by sending case dictionaries, deposition notices and other helpful information reducing valuable time spent clarifying items with the reporter.

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