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Court Reporting FAQs

When can I expect your reporter to arrive?

Alderson’s court reporters arrive on site 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of your proceeding which provides the court reporters enough time to setup their equipment.

When can I expect Alderson’s videographer to arrive?

Alderson’s videographers arrive on site 60 minutes before the scheduled start time of your proceeding. It is particularly important to allow the videographers time to setup their equipment.

Can I schedule a court reporter from overseas?

Yes. Alderson specializes in finding you the most qualified reporter anywhere your case takes you.

Do I need software to use Alderson Online?

No. Alderson online is 100% web-based. All you need is Internet access, your password and an Alderson-supplied user ID.

How long can we store transcripts, etc., in the repository?

As long as your firm is taking depositions with Alderson or as instructed otherwise, we will maintain the repository for you. In addition, Alderson retains transcripts and videos for seven years at a minimum and we have transcripts dating back more than 16 years.

Do you back up information?

Absolutely. Alderson safeguards your information to the highest standards. In the unlikely event of a system failure, Alderson maintains redundant back-up systems to ensure that we are operational within 4-hours enabling us your records.

Is there a fee to store information in the repository, monthly maintenance charges, or set up costs?

No. Alderson’s online repository and joint calendar system are free of charge for clients taking depositions through Alderson.

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