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Deposition Digesting

Offered by Trustpoint.One, Concise® is a cost-effective and efficient solution to all of your deposition summary needs:

  • Concise Deposition summaries reduce deposition and trial transcripts to approximately 10 percent of original size 
  • Consultants work online via secure platforms offering efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • All summaries are quality controlled prior to distribution
  • Billings are by the page of the original testimony, not by the hour
  • 100% client satisfaction rate

Concise has summarized transcripts for cases of all types, ranging from patent infringement and medical malpractice to construction defect and sexual harassment. Whether you are a solo practitioner, mid-to-large size firm, or corporate legal department, the Concise team has the experience and resources necessary to take on your most challenging projects.

To find out more about Concise please call (202) 223-7630.

Concise  - One Word Says It All