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About Alderson

Alderson Court Reporting provides a broad selection of reporting as well as document and case management services to the legal industry. Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Austin, Alderson has proudly been serving top AmLaw 100 firms, U.S. presidents, and international agencies since 1938. From our transcripts for key U.S. Senate committees to our work on the September 11 Victim’s Compensation Fund hearings, we continually set the standard in court reporting.

The Alderson Legacy

In 1938, Hal Alderson, the founder of Alderson Reporting, revolutionized court reporting by using the stenotype machine to report U.S. Senate committee hearings. From that day forward, Alderson has continued to Set The Standard for impartial and cutting-edge court reporting and has served many Presidents and key U.S. Senate committees.

Throughout its 70+ year tenure, Alderson has been providing court reporting services for many of the most noteworthy events in U.S. history and continues to do so today.


Alderson opens its doors in Washington D.C. to cover U.S. Senate hearings.


Firm of choice at the ArmyMcCarthy hearings.


Reports for the 1955 U.S. Senate Committee on Government Operations regarding labor racketeering.


Provides reporting services for John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign.

Reports for Congress and President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the Admission Act, which established the State of Hawaii.


Becomes official White 1961 House reporter.


Reports Warren 1963 Commission proceedings on President Kennedy’s assassination.


The first to offer computerized transcripts in Washington, D.C. and the first to deliver magnetic media to the House of Representatives.


Covers the Presidential 1986 Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger accident.


DuPont Legal Model selects Alderson as its primary provider for court reporting services.

The first to report a political convention in real-time online.


Captions a national political 1996 convention providing both English and Spanish transcripts in near real time.


Simultaneously delivers daily 2003 transcripts of the September 11th Victim’s Compensation Fund Hearings to N.Y. and Washington, D.C.

Wins the DuPont Challenge Award for innovative cost savings through electronic delivery and online access


Acquired by Special Counsel.


Offers clients free video synchronization.

Wins the DuPont Challenge Award for alternative fee arrangements and reducing costs.


Captions President Barack 2009 Obama’s inauguration ceremony.

Wins the DuPont Challenge Award for outstanding account management.


Opens its doors in Austin, Texas.


Covers the DNC and RNC nominating conventions.


Celebrates its 75th Anniversary.


Covers additional September 2014 11th Victims Compensation Fund Hearings.